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Babolat play tennis

Babolat Play

Babolat Play Pure Drive is the world’s first tennis racquet that has a built-in sensor and has the same parameters as a normal Babolat Pure Drive racquet. This racquet was approved by ITF in January 2014, which means all the tennis players can use it during official tournaments. The Babolat Play racquet is full of new technologies and new designs.

Zepp Tennis Sensor

Zepp tennis sensor is one of the first tennis sensor in the world. It is a small yellow cube which is attached to the end of a tennis racquet handle by a rubber mount or plastic mount. I bought mine in January 2014 and I have been playing with it ever since. It gives me a great basic overview of my game.

Sony smart tennis sensor

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

I got really lucky and recently got my hands on the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor. Since the sensor is not still officially out, my review will be brief. Whenever it will be officially out I will be filling in the gaps. So far the Sony sensor is the lightest of all the sensors which I have reviewed so far. It has a couple of new features that I think even the Pro players would appreciate.

Artengo Personal Tennis Coach

 Artengo is a brand that makes clothes and equipment for almost every racquet sport. In 2014 their Personal Tennis Coach Pod (tennis sensor) and the Watch were approved by ITF. The Artengo sensor is mounted by two strips right above the handle on the frame (on the neck of the tennis racquet). Artengo is a French brand and all of its products are sold through Decathlon including the tennis sensor and the watch.